Historical Istanbul

Well, the flight back to home today was cancelled due to snow on the runway at Heathrow. We’re due to fly tomorrow night now but I think that seems doubtful with the cold weather. I know there are worse places to be than Istanbul and there’s a lot more I want to see here, but Christmas is here in a few days and I’ve not seen my family for 5 weeks. My daughter is 11 months old and I think she’s changed quite a bit. Oh well, I’ll take the opportunity to see some more of the city.

The architecture and history here is incredible. I’m particularly interested in the Byzantine period as I knew very little about it before I came. This trip has been something of a chance to fill in this historical blind spot I have. I saw the Valens aqueduct yesterday – a breathtaking structure, and still standing strong after 1600 years. It’s quite something to see a busy 6 lane highway ploughing straight through its arches.

The Valens Aqueduct

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